The Centurion Donors

Silent hero’s - have donated blood more than 100 times

Patient stories- Thalassemia Patients

Donors are a God’s messenger / God’s gift for Thalassemia patients. Donor’s play an important role by donating blood. Their blood helps thalassemia patients to have a lovely and normal life. Without the existence of donors many thalassemia children may end up losing their lives

Today what we all have achieved in our life, our dreams, our talent, success is due to the blood gift by donors. After receiving blood from the donors the thalassemia children gain more energy and strength and it seems as if a new life gushes into their body.

As Thallassemia patient we would like to express our immense gratitude towards all those individuals who undertake a noble task by donating blood and providing a new lease of life to the transfusion dependent individual.Thalassemia children are not aware of donors, but there is always best wishes and a prayer of thanks by the children to the donors. Donating blood may be just a part of donor’s life, but for Thalassemia children it is a life.

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