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World Thalassemia Day!

On World Thalassemia Day, we raise awareness about the importance of early detection and management of thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. While there is no cure, regular blood transfusions can help manage the condition and improve patients' quality of life. Donating blood is a critical part of this process, as thalassemia patients require frequent transfusions. By donating blood, you can help save a life and make a positive impact on someone's health. So, let's all take a step forward and donate blood to support those who need it most.

To find a blood bank near you, visit our Facebook page or call 022 66529682/83.

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The Federation of Bombay Blood Banks is a self-supporting non-profit organization formed by 47 member blood banks in Mumbai and is registered as a Charity Trust under the B.P.T Act, 1950.
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Donors are a God’s messengers who play an important role by donating blood. Their blood helps patients to have a lovely and normal life. Silent heros who have donated blood more than 100 times
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On an average, the donation takes only about 10 minutes and the entire process last less than 30 minutes, from registration to resting time. Click on the link below to learn more about blood donation.
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